Ferrari 338 Powersafe GX340

Model MC 338 PS GX340
Honda Engine, Petrol, Model GX340, Power 7.24
The 328 series motocultor with Powersafe clutch is a perfect and ideal machine for those who work in a garden, greenhouse or in small agricultural areas.
It has 3 forward speeds, 3 reverse speeds, fast inverter and differential lock for better traction.
The quality of this motocultor allows it to be used with different types of implements, which meet the multiple needs of the operators, its reversible handle allows you to attach them in a rear or front way, turning the motocultor into a mower, pruner, brush cutter and many more.

Implement: RASTRA FR FRESA 66 With 20 blades
Certificate No.: 18/464 / MI
Engine: Petrol (HONDA)
Brand / Model: HONDA model GX-340
Power: 7.24
PTO Power: 9.63HP
Starting System: Manual via pulley w / retractable cord
Number of gears: 3 forward speeds 3 reverse speeds
Fast inverter: Yes
Clutch: POWERSAFE multi-disc in oil bath
Differential: Yes, with lock
Handlebar: Adjustable and reversible mounted on shock absorbers
Wheels: 5.00-10 tractor type with 4 studs
FRESA: Model FR 46/52/66/80/85, width 66cms 26 ″, 20 blades made of tempered steel.
Safety devices: POWERSAFE system
Weight: 105 Kg
Recommended use: Small and medium farms
Motocultors with powersafe clutch in oil bath acquire competitive advantages in terms of performance and safety in relation to the competition.
The Powersafe (patented) safety system consists of stopping the implement immediately by releasing the red handle from the handlebar, without the engine shutting down, that is, in an emergency moment the engine is still on so that the operator can easily move the motocultor without wasting time to restart the engine.
The comfort of the clutch becomes unquestionably superior when the engine handles are completely released, the engine is still running and the shift between forward and reverse without the need for the clutch.
The driving of the motocultor with this type of clutch becomes smoother, it also resists the use of implements that work with alternative movement, such as mowing bars.
The durability of the Powersafe clutch is equal to that of the Motocultor itself, its adjustment is stable and maintenance free.
The handlebar is adjustable in height and laterally allowing the operator to work without stepping on the ground he works, the ability to make the reversible motocultor allows him to use different types of implements.
Ferrari motorcultores are designed with an anti-vibration system through shock absorbers (silentblocks), which reduce the vibrations of the handlebar, giving the operator greater comfort in handling.

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